Jackie Hudson

Blind Veterans UK volunteer Jackie Hudson
Blind Veterans UK volunteer Jackie Hudson

Jackie Hudson is a volunteer at Blind Veterans UK and regularly takes veterans out on trips to Chester, bowling, tea dances and many more. Jackie has worked with the public for most of her life, working as a nurse, receptionist, for Women's Aid and a variety of other roles which put her in direct contact with people.

Jackie says: "Working face to face is great, because you're getting that feedback straight away, I have done lots of office work but prefer that personal touch. Everybody is so friendly and so positive, they really seem to love working here. So the climate is a really uplifting place to work. I would like to develop an idea about using my skills as a reflexologist with the veterans when they are on their trips.


"If you are really thinking about volunteering, don't just think about it - because you will get so much out of it yourself. To see how uplifted people are after a trip out with you is so rewarding, it's great.


"When Blind Veterans UK was opening over a year ago in Llandudno, they advertised the fact that it was coming here. It sounded really interesting; both my dad and my son had been in the Navy, so I have always been interested in anything to do with the Forces. I came to have a look around to see what was going on, and it sounded like a really great thing to be doing. I couldn't wait to get in.


"Having an Armed forces connection makes you understand a bit about how their lives have been - onboard ship for my son and my dad - away from home and family for a long time, and the things that can happen when they are away."

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