Anne Marie Roobottom

Blind Veterans UK volunteer Anne Marie Roobottom
Blind Veterans UK volunteer Anne Marie Roobottom

Anne-Marie Roobottom is a volunteer at the Blind Veterans UK Llandudno centre in Wales. Anne-Marie says 'People are blown away when they come to Llandudno'. Find out more about Anne-Marie and why she volunteers her time to vision impaired veterans at Blind Veterans UK.

Anne-Marie says: "Being local is great and having a Welsh centre is really important; although Blind Veterans UK is a national charity, they always show a local slant". Anne-Marie says she has discovered new things she enjoys through volunteering at the Llandudno centre; "There is work in the centres and fundraising; but I would say to do both because you might find that when you get involved, you enjoy other strands that you didn't expect to".


She also reflects upon how people feel about volunteering at Blind Veterans UK: "We had a new volunteer who came in for an hour one Saturday, and ended up staying all day. It gives us a reason to get up in the morning".


It's thanks to volunteers like Anne-Marie that Blind Veterans UK is able to offer the level of care and support to vision impaired veterans which enables them to live a life beyond sight loss.

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