Supporter Promise

Jim Hartley
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We are committed to a strengthened code of Fundraising practice to guide how we contact people and ask for support. Below we outline our promise to you

Our promise to you


Our Supporter Promise sets out the values that are the basis on which we work with you and everyone who supports Blind Veterans UK


We're committed


1) We like to work alongside our supporters to keep you updated on the ways your money is being spent and what impact it is having
2) We will never sell or share your data
3) We do not call any supporters whose age we know to be over 80 years old unless in answer to a question or request

We're honest

1) We tell the truth and make sure your gift is put to work as quickly as possible
2) We welcome all reasonable questions regarding fundraising activities and costs
3) We are a member of the Fundraising Standards Board and comply with all fundraising best practices


We're collaborative

1) We commit ourselves to ensure that fundraisers, volunteers and fundraising contractors working with us to raise funds for the charity comply with our Supporter Promise
2) We'll train, monitor and regulate our external suppliers to meet our standards
3) We make sure it's easy for you to contact us to tell us if you wish to stop any of our communications


We're respectful

1) We respect the rights, dignity and privacy of our supporters and beneficiaries
2) We will not put any pressure on any supporter to make a gift and if anyone does not want to give or wish to cease giving, we will respect their decision
3) If any supporter tells us that they don't want us to contact them in a particular way we will not do so
4) We fully comply with all relevant laws including the Data Protection Action 1998

If there is anything you'd like to ask - or to say - about our Supporter Promise,
Please call us on: 0300 111 2233



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