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Text to donate terms and conditions
Text to donate terms and conditions

Text donation is an easy and simple way to donate.

If a service is advertised as a text donation service then the money is taken from your mobile phone account or pre-pay balance and paid to us by your network.

If you make a text donation to Blind Veterans UK (registered charity number 216 227) will receive 100% of your donation(s). You may also be charged for one text message each time you text us at your network's charity or network rate. Always get the bill payers permission.

If you have responded to a campaign such as a regular giving service or you have asked for information about an event we will contact you as required to provide that service. We'd like to also contact you with news and information about other campaigns, but if you if you'd rather we did not contact you about other future campaigns then include the words NO INFO at the end of your message e.g. BLIND NO INFO.

If you contact us by text and subsequently wish to change your mind about future contact, please reply NO INFO to any future text from us.

If you access the internet from a mobile phone you may incur data charges. Please ensure that the connection you use is secure and take reasonable security precautions when clicking any URL or filling in any mobile web form that we might send to you.

We use a company called Vir2 to provide a text helpline for dealing with any issues related to text donation services. Call 0330 660 0425. Please do not use this number for contacting the charity - it is purely for any issues that you may have about our text donation services.


                                                                       70300 BLIND £3
                                                                       70300 CAROL £3
                                                                       70500 CAROL £5
                                                                       70300 CODE £3

You may be charged for one standard text message, but we will not take a text donation. By texting us you are telling us that you want to receive a call from us or further texts asking for your contact details so that we can send you an information pack.

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