Gift in my will to Blind Veterans UK

Please find below the answers to some questions you may have.

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  1. Do you still do the same work as St Dunstan’s did?

    Yes. Although the name has changed, our work and ethos still remains the same as it did when the charity was started in 1915.

  2. Do I need to change St Dunstan’s to Blind Veterans UK in my Will now that your name has changed?

    No. The fact that the charity's name has changed does not alter the benefit you intended. The charity's aims and charity registered number will not change. The only time you would need to change the wording is if you were to re-write your Will or add us in on a Codicil.

  3. Has your address changed?

    No. The charity's address remains the same.

  4. I have already written a Codicil mentioning a gift to St Dunstan’s. Does this need to be updated?

    No. Unless you wish to alter the benefit to St Dunstan's you do not need to update your Will or Codicil.

  5. Will my Executors still be able to find St Dunstan’s in the future?

    Yes. Although the name of the charity will change, the charity number and the remaining details and aims of the charity will remain the same. Your Executors will be able to trace us through the Charity Commission website.

  6. If I do decide to change my Will later on then what are your new details?

    Blind Veterans UK, 12-14 Harcourt Street, London W1H 4HD
    Registered Charity Number: 216227

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