Shaun's Journey With Blind Veterans UK

Served at 18. Blinded at 19. Supported for life.
Served at 18. Blinded at 19. Supported for life.

In 2007,Shaun Stocker joined the 1st Battalion The Royal Welsh, an Infantry Regiment in the British Army.

On 10th April 2010, Shaun's life changed forever when he stepped on an Improvised Explosive Devise, becoming a blind double amputee. 

After 8 weeks in an induced coma, 40 operations and a total of 3 months in hospital, Shaun was transferred to Headley Court (Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre), where he learned just how problematic his rehabilitation was going to be. 



"Despite this news I was determined to regain my independence and began taking my first steps using prosthetics."


Shaun also underwent a series of operations on his right eye and after 3 years surgery has been able to regain 30% of his vision back in that eye.

The biggest problem however was the pain he had from using the prosthetics which included sores,cuts,rubbing etc.  It meant that Shaun was forced to use a wheelchair to travel long distances.  


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In 2014 he flew to Australia to undergo pioneering surgery, an operation called Osseointegration, which involved titanium rods being implanted into the stumps so that prosthetics can be attached to them rather than having to use the hard carbon fibersockets which were causing so much pain.


Although Shaun is still in a period of rehabilitation, for the first time in over 5 years he can walk long distances without feeling any pain.


Why he is fundraising for Blind Veterans UK?


Throughout 2016, Shaun will be holding Stocker's Strides events and is hoping to raise £50,000 for Blind Veterans UK.

"I would like an opportunity to give back to Blind Veterans UK, who have helped me so much since my injury."

Blind Veterans UK has supported Shaun in a number of ways including providing equipment to read letters, specialist computer equipment and gym equipment which is essential to keeping him strong for his prosthetic use.

Shaun went on to say " If I can use what has happened to me in order to ensure Blind Veterans UK is able to continue supporting people like myself then all the better."

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How you can support Stocker's Strides


•Placement of collection tins: Could you place a static tin in your local pub, newsagents or post office?


•Delivery of talks: Would your local school, community or church group like to find out more about Shaun and the work of Blind Veterans UK? Shaun would be happy to come and talk to your group. For schools a number of activities can be offered in line with the curriculum to help students gain a better understanding of living with a visual impairment and how to support a visually impaired person.


•Organise your own event: Why not organise your own sponsored Sighted Guide Walk or Super Hero Sprint? Contact your regional fundraiser for more information


•Spread the word!  Follow Shaun on Twitter: @Shaunstocker1. Share details of his progress and forthcoming events on your social media accounts.


Alternatively you can support Stocker Strides by donating to his Just Giving page.

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