100k Step Challenge

Step Up Challenge
How long would it take you to reach 125,00 steps?

Measure your steps this April to see how long it takes you to reach 100k…the distance of walking from London all the way to Brighton.

We're challenging you to take on 125,000 steps, the distance of 100k from 18 April.  You'll not only be getting fit for the summer but you'll feel great. By taking part you'll be showing your support to our blind veterans and amazing supporters who will be taking on this distance in 24 hours.


Whether you do the distance by walking to work, running home, or taking the stairs you will be showing your support to our veterans. We're not asking for sponsorship - just that you take part in our Spring health kick. We will even host a leader board, so you can challenge yourself against others and we will be giving prizes to the fastest times.


How to get involved


1) From 18 April start calculating your steps using any device (this can be a fitbit, jawbone, or app)

2) Tweet us your updates throughout using the hashtag #100kstepchallenge

3) When you reach your 100k mark (estimated at 125,000 steps) tweet us a photo of where you were when you reached your 100k with the image you can download here

4) We'll also be having a leader board to show the fastest times and will be giving prizes to the top featured. To feature on our leader board simply email your name a photograph or screen shot of your app showing your completed steps to lucy.wyse@blindveterans.org.uk


How many steps is 100k?


Well, based on the average person's stride its 125,000, so if you're doing 10,000 steps per day it will take you around 12.5 days. You'll have marched  64 miles by the end of the month - the distance from London to Brighton.


How many steps do people do on average per day?


On average, and when pushed many people who measure their steps  will tell you they can manage about 10,000 steps per working day. Can you beat this record?


How can I track my steps?


There are lots of tools you can use to help track your steps:


Free mobile apps

  • Map my walk (a free mobile app)
  • Free step counter on the health app on the iPhone


Tools you may already have

  • Smartwatch (Apple, Samsung, Polar, etc.)
  • Fitbit
  • Jawbone


If you want to keep better track of your distance you call also download our monthly calendar with step tips here. This will help you to tick off the number of steps you've taken each day.


Happy walking!


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