Shaun's Story

Shaun's story
Served at 18. Blinded at 19. Supported for life.

Shaun Stocker stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device and his life changed forever. He became a double amputee blind veteran.

At the age of 19 and only 6 days before the end of his tour of Afghanistan, Shaun Stocker stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device and his life changed forever. He became a double amputee blind veteran. 

He explained "As well as losing both legs above the knee I lost my left eye and the vision in my right eye. I badly damaged my left hand and I lost my little finger. I dislocated and fractured my left shoulder and was sprayed with shrapnel all over my face and body."

After 8 weeks in an induced coma and approximately 40 operations over a short 3 month period, Shaun was transferred to Headley Court (Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre), where he learned just how problematic his rehabilitation was going to be.

For the first time the stark reality hit - due to the combination of his injuries he was told he may never be able to walk again.

However, his determination never failed, he said "Despite this news I was determined to regain my independence and began taking my first steps using prosthetics."
Shaun also underwent a series of operations on his right eye and after 3 years surgery has been able to regain 30% of his vision back in that eye. This was a great motivation for Shaun and has helped him to improved his walking.
He thanked the charity for the support he'd recieved; "I've become quite good on my new limbs, despite my sight-loss, particularly after receiving mobility training with Blind Veterans UK."


                      Shaun Stocker and dog


The biggest problem facing me at the time of writing this is the pain using my prosthetics gives me - rubbing, sores, cuts, falling off, etc. This means that I cannot walk very far without one of these problems occurring. Any type of long distance travel I am forced to use my wheelchair. This pain is the only thing holding me back from leading a life using only prosthetic limbs to get around."
In 2014 he flew to Australia to undergo pioneering surgery, an operation called Osseointegration, has been performed by a surgeon at the Macquarie University Hospital who is a leader in this medical field.



                                             Shaun Stocker


Osseointegration is an operation to implant titanium rods into my stumps, which means I will be able to walk on my prosthetic limbs without the use of the hard carbon fibre sockets. Here is an x-ray of Shaun's leg:


                                               Shaun Stocker xray


"The outcome will be that I will be able to walk long distances with no pain for the first time since the age of 19.  I will be able to connect my prosthesis straight to the implant which will make the limb part of my skeletal structure. There will be no pain in walking and a higher sense of feel which will compliment my vision loss." 
Shaun's challenge


In the spring of 2016 when Shaun's injuries have healed he is setting himself the massive target of walking 2 metres for every £1 raised, with an overall target of 100km.

He told us "I would like an opportunity to give back to Blind Veterans UK, who have helped me so much since my injury.

I can personally say losing my limbs is hard to live with but losing my sight is harder. 


Blind Veterans UK have helped me to live a fulfilling and independent life. They have helped with a number of courses including a web design course to create a website for motivational speaking, ( They have provided me with equipment to read letters, specialist computer equipment, gym equipment which is essential to keeping me strong for my prosthetic use.


From my own personal experience I have noticed that sometimes only the obvious disabilities that can be seen are recognised. If I can use what has happened to me in order to ensure Blind Veterans UK is able to continue supporting people like myself then all the better.


                                       Shuan stocker 4

Being able to walk with no pain will open new doors for me but the rehabilitation will not be easy. It will take a year for my wounds to fully heal. You can sponsor Shaun today by visiting his just giving page and helping him to reach his target.

                                           Justgiving image


Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Fus, Shaun Stocker.


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