Introduction weeks

A veteran and an instructor in the kitchen
Preparing a meal safely is one of the many skills members can learn on introduction weeks.

Our week-long introduction courses give veterans crucial guidance and support as they adjust to their loss of sight and regain their personal independence.

These weeks are life-changing.

Veterans who have shared similar experiences can meet and explore ways to overcome the challenges of sight loss.

Time and again people who join us nervously on the first morning tell us they don't want to leave at the end of the week.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss request a callback to discuss FREE support or download an application form.

As someone who is new to Blind Veterans UK, we will invite you to spend a week at one of our three training centres. During this time:


     • You will learn all about Blind Veterans UK and what we do

     • You will meet and be looked after by your support worker.  This will be a member of staff who is also a blind veteran

     • You will get to know the centre's premises and facilities

     • You will have the chance to learn more about the arts and crafts we do and, if you wish, even have a go at it

     • You will enjoy sports and recreation taster sessions and have sessions with specialist instructors

     • We will assess your needs and recommend any training and equipment


Blind Veterans UK is not just about learning to cope day-to-day.  It is about living independently and moving forward with life.


This week is just the start of our life-long support.


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