Information technology

A veteran learns to use a computer.
We teach veterans to use computers which helps with their communication

Learning to use a computer can give blind veterans a brighter future.  Technology is one of the most powerful tools we use to connect with the wider world.

Our instructors help veterans of all ages and abilities get to grips with the first steps.  Training can involve anything from touch-typing to computer basics and helps veterans become confident computer users.

Several of our trainees have even gone on to careers in computing, while others just use them to keep in touch with family and friends, or to stay involved in local communities.

Veterans also run their own computer club which meets twice a year.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss request a callback to discuss FREE support or download an application form.

Using a computer without seeing

People often ask us about Braille keyboards. The short answer is that most people find it is easier to learn to touch-type on a regular keyboard.


If someone can touch-type, they can use text-to-speech software to read pages out to them. You will very seldom see our trainees using the mouse: they can do everything faster and more efficiently with the keyboard.


You don't need a fancy computer either - just a few special programmes.

Carl's story

Blind Veterans UK gave me back my life and started my career. Shortly after attending a computer course at the charity I enrolled at university to study a computer degree. I now work as a programmer for the BBC. (Carl Williams)

How to apply for Blind Veterans UK's support

For someone to be entitled to Blind Veterans UK's free support and services, they need to have done National Service or served in the Armed Forces, and have significant sight loss.

It doesn't matter to us why someone's vision is impaired or when they lost their sight. Many of our veterans have lost their sight years after their service, due to age or illness.

We believe that no one who has served their country should have to battle blindness alone.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss request a callback to discuss FREE support or DOWNLOAD an application form.

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