How to apply for Blind Veterans UK's support

Apply for free support
Apply for free support

For someone to be entitled to Blind Veterans UK's free support and services, they need to have done National Service or served in the Armed Forces, and have significant sight loss.

It doesn't matter to us why someone's vision is impaired or when they lost their sight. Many of our veterans have lost their sight years after their service, due to age or illness.

We believe that no one who has served their country should have to battle blindness alone.

If you know of a veteran with sight loss request a callback to discuss FREE support or DOWNLOAD an application form.

How to apply

 1. Call us free on 0800 389 7979 for an application form or download our application form (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM)

2. Send us the completed application form

3. Once we have the form, we'll contact the service records office and your eye specialist

4. We may ask the applicant to visit our ophthalmic clinic in London. If travelling is difficult, we can make alternative arrangements


Find out more about our membership criteria.


Our services and support are free, and we have offered physical and emotional support to vision impaired military since 1915.

If you meet our criteria, you could become eligible for our free services. You will receive a visit from one of our welfare officers and they'll talk over your needs, give you advice and may suggest a visit to one of our centres in Brighton, Llandudno or Sheffield.

Our welfare officers may also recommend that you take part in some free training in mobility, independent living skills, using low vision equipment or IT, either at one of our centres or in your home. They may also put you in touch with other ex-Service personnel in similar situations to yours.

Qualifying for Blind Veterans UK's support

Qualifying for Blind Veterans UK's support

Who qualifies for support from Blind Veterans UK

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