Blind Veterans UK

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The new brand is designed to get across who we are

A brand new name and identity

In February 2012, we developed a new name and new look that give a clear message about who we are.

Since 1915, we've supported over 35,000 people.

Almost 100 years on, we're now helping over 3,000 blind veterans throughout the UK. We believe there are some 50,000 blind veterans who may also need our help.

We want to get our message out to them, their friends and families.

We want more people to know that we are here. 

Why we've become Blind Veterans UK

We have thought long and hard about what we are all about.

We know that not enough people are aware of us. There are many other organisations called St Dunstan's, including churches, schools, colleges, therapists and dentists.


We need to stand out.


We are a military charity and we want to make this clear with our new name.


So we talked to our veterans, staff and supporters and put months of research into understanding what makes us special.


We have updated our entire brand: our name, the way we look and the way we sound, to make our purpose clear and easy to remember.


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